That's right, you read it correctly. We read bad books. Not intentionally, of course. Well, not intentionally all the time. But every once in a while, everyone picks up a book about which they've heard mixed reviews. Someone insists it's not worth using as bird cage liner, while others think that it's so amazing that, if it were alive, it would eat clouds and crap rainbows.

Well, towards the end of January this year, a fit of madness struck me. After incessant nagging from a friend of mine and words of warning from another, combined with the insatiable curiosity of a six year-old, I went to the local library, checked out all four books in the Twilight saga, and prepared to do nothing but read them until i was DONE.

My entire experience was chronicled through my Facebook status updates. When I needed to take a breather or read something so ridiculous I had to share, I'd post. What followed was several days of interaction from a lot of people, and the idea to start a blog chronicling the experience of a reading bad book. Or many bad books.

This concept was the brainchild of a girl named Kelly. Kelly went to Graduate school with my best friend from high school (who still can't get rid of me), and she enjoyed my rants so thoroughly, she proposed starting a blog. Our mutual friend, Megan, with her love of literature (both bad and good) and love of doing really random and offbeat things like this, was absolutely on board as well, and they started the blog.

The crazy person who actually endeavored to read the Twilight books and lived to tell the tale? I'm Caitlin. Welcome to the madness. For my part, I've decided on some boundaries. The books I'll be reading will mostly be classics or the books that make people say "ZOMG YOU MUST READ THIS!"

Why? very simple. It's killing two birds with one stone; I'll read the classics and popular books, fulfilling my reading list, and I'll be able to intelligently criticize that which I don't like from a thorough and learned aspect. Which means that now everyone who said I shouldn't judge Twilight based on the movie and to read the book know that I really hated it all.

I am also doing this on a shoestring budget, also known as I'm broke and don't have a job... hello, library! That's right, I'm not paying for books I could potentially hate! Who in their right mind would do that? Not I, says me.

So. what now? I'll end this the best way i possibly could. For your entertainment, I compiled the status updates and comments that started this. Enjoy. Laugh. If you don't like it, my humor, or the fact that I KNOW Twilight sucks, then I will inform you up front that I don't care and your comments will be deleted and/or ignored.


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